Forms & Publications

Below is a collection of documents culled from our board members as well as many required state and federal documents. They are in either PDF or Microsoft Word format. If you have difficulty downloading or opening any of these documents, please contact our webmaster, Ken LaVoie, co-owner of Southern Angel Properties, and he’ll send you a version that will work for you.

Please be advised that we cannot give legal advice and that all forms are samples and should be reviewed by your legal counsel prior to use.

Sample Lease #1
This is the month-to-month lease used by a local investor / landlord here in Central Maine. It is meant to be a month to month lease agreement but can be expanded for any term desired. There are many unique clauses, and it is reviewed each year for accuracy and clarity.

Contact & Emergency Handout
This is a flyer that tenants can mount to the inside of a cabinet door or other obvious location detailing landlord contact information as well as a who to call and what to do in case of emergencies.

Emergencies vs. Urgencies
This is a lease supplement explaining the differences between true emergencies and situations that are simply urgent and can wait until normal business hours to handle.

Holding Deposit Agreement
This is a one-page agreement for collecting a holding deposit for a rental unit.

Lease Signing Agenda
This is a one page checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten at lease signing.

Lease Highlights
This one page flyer briefly touches on some of the more obvious points in the lease, in case they are missed during the lease review.

Safety Handout
This document is meant to bring attention to some of the more obvious and overlooked safety concerns when living in a rental unit

State & Federal Forms